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Bairaag (1976) Full Hindi Movie | Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu

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Published on 21 Mar 2019 / In Full movies (for free)

Kailash loses his eyesight after a car accident. His wife gives birth to twin boys, one of them blind. Before his wife gains consciousness, he asks the doctor to get rid of the blind baby, because he doesn't want his son to live a life where he can't see at all. The doctor's wife leaves the blind baby in a Hindu temple, where he is discovered by the temple priest who raises the boy, now called Bholenath. Kailash feels guilty about what he did to the blind baby and confesses it to his wife several years later. She becomes so distraught that she dies.

Kailash raises his other son Sanjay, who turns into a spoiled rich boy. Although Sanjay is engaged to Sonia, he continues to have an affair with Lucy, who has a rich dangerous boyfriend Grasco. Sonia's greedy brother Kunwal agrees to marry a country girl Tara but wants a Rs. 300,000 dowry. She doesn't want to marry him, because she is in love with Bholenath, even though he is poor and blind.

Bholenath thinks that his status is beneath hers and that she deserves a rich suitor. He steals the money from the Hindu temple to give to Kunwal for her dowry. His pet snake tries to stop him from giving the money by biting him. He regains his sight and vows to the temple priest and Tara to bring the money back from Kunwal. Once he reaches the city, people mistake him for Sanjay, who in turn, is hiding out with Lucy after she leaves Grasco along with Rs. 15,000,000. She is found dead with the money missing. Sanjay is the suspect. The film is resolved with the real culprit getting caught, the two brothers reunited with their father, and then marrying their sweethearts.

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